Sorry, y'all, I'm still not over Game of Thrones. Now that the show itself has gone down in a fiery car crash we couldn't help but watch, I'm waiting with baited breath for Georgey to release Winds of Winter. Ha. Like that'll happen. However, from the north and the wall, to the south and Dorne, there are iconic places in the stories from George R. R. Martin that we can't help but identify ourselves with.

Though people who named their kids "Daenerys" or "Khaleesi" are probably regretting that by now. 

Wyoming is independent and I'd argue if the US were Westeros, we'd be caught between the North and the Vale (with all those mountains, you know.) If Wyoming were a house, though, what would the sigil and words be?

HBO took a crack at it in the image below, giving the Cowboy State the house words of "No place on earth," which I can't help but think might be a dig at the old "Wyoming doesn't exist" joke... If I were to pick words today, I'd probably say "Summer is Never Coming."

Another website attempted to match up characters with states and said that Wyoming was most personified in the character of Jorah Mormont. Honestly, I'm totally okay with that. Though Lyanna Mormont might be the toughest one from that particular house.

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