Our friends at WalletHub have made a list of the 'most sinful states in America'. If the list is any indication, Wyoming comes off looking like model citizens.

Out of the 50 states ranked on the list of 'most sinful states in America', Wyoming ranks 49th. In turn, you could say that we rank as the 2nd least sinful of all the states. Perhaps we can take that one step further and say, Wyoming is the 2nd most innocent of all states. We're pretty much the darlings of America.

Okay, maybe that's taking it a little far, but numbers don't lie. When it comes to virtues and vices, Wyoming is full of sweet little angels. To determine the list, several factors were taken into consideration and then broken down further. You may recognize some of the factors listed: 'anger & hatred', 'jealousy', 'excess & vices', 'greed', 'lust', 'vanity', and 'laziness'.

In any event, Wyoming ranked in each as follows:

  • Anger & Hatred - 43rd
  • Jealousy - 45th
  • Excess & Vices - 41st
  • Greed - 46th
  • Lust - 29th
  • Vanity - 46th
  • Laziness - 44th

Nevada, Texas and Florida were at the very top of the list, while Vermont is the only state that is less sinful than us. Basically we're pretty bad at being bad. Or if you're an optimist, we're just that sweet of a state, take that how you will.

To see where every other state, check out the graph below.

Source: WalletHub

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