A Massachusetts woman who admitted in June to possessing a felony amount of THC was sentenced to a term of supervised probation Tuesday in Albany County District Court.

Allison Marie Ryan, 30, will serve three years supervised probation with a three- to five-year underlying prison sentence.

Judge Jeffrey Donnell also ordered Ryan to pay a $2,500 fine, complete 100 hours of community service within the next 15 months and enroll in an outpatient drug treatment program within 30 days.

Ryan was arrested May 12 after an Albany County Sheriff's deputy stopped Ryan's gray Honda Accord on U.S. 287, smelled marijuana and searched the car.

According to court documents, the search turned up a black prescription-style bottle containing marijuana as well as THC-infused candies and a liquid THC product called "Nectaraide" found in Ryan's purse.

The deputy also found a container of hashish oil weighing 6.1 grams including packaging, a small pipe in Ryan's pants pocket and a clear plastic cellophane containing a yellowish crystalline powder that reportedly tested presumptively positive for methamphetamine.

Another deputy who searched Ryan while booking her into the Albany County Detention Center reportedly found a small zippered pouch of marijuana that Ryan allegedly said she hid because she wanted something to smoke when she got out of jail.

Donnell said Tuesday it was against his better judgement, but he granted Ryan probation despite her three previous failed attempts at probation. Each time, Donnell said, Ryan was charged with a new crime before her term expired.

Donnell was also concerned that while in Massachusetts on bond prior to Tuesday's hearing, Ryan hung up on a probation agent that called to inquire about a felony charge pending against Ryan in her home state.

"You and your attitude had better get straight, Ms. Ryan," Donnell said. "That was unacceptable."

Ryan on Tuesday denied that she had failed probation three times, saying, "it's unfair that some of the information is not correct."

Donnell emphasized that Ryan had ample opportunity to review and correct the presentence investigation report -- which contains the information about Ryan's previous attempts on probation -- but she declined to do so.

Ryan also told Donnell she had no idea there was methamphetamine in her car the night of her arrest.

"I don't do any drugs," Ryan said. "The only thing I've ever done in my life is drink alcohol and smoke marijuana."

Donnell expressed disbelief and said he had no doubt that Ryan will violate her probation.

"You come back here on a violation, you're going to the pen," Donnell said.

Donnell also cautioned Ryan to carefully read the terms of her probation in order to avoid confusion about whether or not her medical marijuana card would allow her to continue using marijuana.

"Weed might be legal in Massachusetts for medical purposes. It is not legal for you," Donnell continued. "You use weed, you go away."

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