Casey Rislov from Wyoming has written several award-winning children's books. Her latest, Rowdy Randy, is about a horsefly that makes the Wyoming range her home, according to Wyoming Public Media.

Rowdy Randy has received a first-place award for Best Children's Book, and Best Children's Illustration's from the National Indie Excellence Awards. The book also got recognition from the Colorado Independent Publisher's Association.  Rowdy Randy got first place for Best Children's Illustrations and second place for Best Children's Book.

Rowdy Randy wasn't your typical horsefly, she is a menace to the west. Always trying to join a new gang and find trouble. She is also a very hungry horsefly that seems to always be eating. Sometimes you might not see her for years, then one day she pops back up for a quick bite.

If you would like to read the Rowdy Randy story click here to purchase it today.

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