He fell short of clinching the nomination, but democrat Sen. Bernie Sanders has left his mark on American politics -- even in Wyoming, where the state's Democratic Party announced Wednesday the creation of a new Progressive Caucus geared toward Sanders supporters.

"As a party we are committed to the thousands of Wyoming voters who have been impassioned by Senator Sanders' message," says Ana Cuprill, state party chair. "This caucus provides a great opportunity for us to reach out to those voters across the state."

Sanders won the 2016 Wyoming Democratic Caucuses by a margin of more than 11 percent in the popular vote, but still received just seven delegates from the state -- the same number of delegates given to Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton.

Cuprill says membership in the caucus will be open to any democrat or progressive independent voter who wishes to become more active with the party.

Two members of the party's executive committee will automatically become members of the caucus, giving the group a voice among the state party's leadership.

The party says in a press release that the new caucus is a Wyoming addition to changes that will be made to the party at a national level, including recommended changes to the superdelegate system. The Wyoming delegate selection plan is also set to be improved.

"I am excited about the Delegate Selection Plan/Caucus Review Committee established shortly after our caucus in April," Cuprill says. "This group has forwarded a report to our Central Committee with recommendations for major changes to our 2020 caucus process."

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