Everyone has their favorites and preferences when it comes to fast food. Unfortunately, some fast food places aren't as readily available in some spots throughout the country. For Wyoming, let's just say that if you enjoy Domino's Pizza, you're in the right state.

According to a recent study from NiceRX.com, the result sought out the 'best states to live in' for the top national fast food chains in the country. They did this by breaking down how many fast food restaurants are available for every 100,000 residents in the state. Seeing as how Wyoming has such a low population, our overall fast food count was likely to be toward the bottom of the list, and it was. Wyoming has the second least amount of fast food restaurants with just 62.5 per 100,000 residents. Only Alaska had less than us per 100,000 residents at 61.9

However, there's good news if you happen to be a fan of certain fast food joints such as Domino's Pizza. Wyoming has 3.8 Domino's Pizza locations for every 100,000 residents, which may sound low, but that was more than any other state. In fact, the next state on the list had 2.9 Domino's Pizza locations for that many residents. That's a pretty big gap in general. Almost a full store more than anyone else. It also explains why there are three Domino's Pizza locations in Cheyenne, alone.

Another fast-food establishment that is very popular in Wyoming is Subway. We finished just behind South Dakota for having the most Subways per 100,000. They have 10.1, Wyoming had 10. There are more than 10 of those in Cheyenne as well.

We may not have the most fast-food restaurants and sure, we could certainly use more, and even more of a selection of restaurants in general, but if you're craving some Domino's, or even Subway, you're in luck. It also explains why I see so many delivery drivers for Domino's Pizza on the road all the time.

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