The Wyoming House of Representatives has given initial approval of House Bill 75 with its first vote. The bill would require specific forms of identification from voters if they wish to cast their ballot.

The bill would require Wyoming voters to present one of the following types of identification at the polls:

  • Wyoming driver's license
  • Wyoming identification card
  • Tribal identification card
  • Valid U.S. passport
  • U.S. military card
  • Medicare insurance card

Despite the rarity of voted fraud in Wyoming, supporters of the bill claim that it's a 'proactive measure' that will ensure confidence in the voting process for a free and fair election. Sponsoring the bill is Rep. Chuck Gray, R-Casper. He had this to say about the importance of passing the bill:

A voter ID bill is a step in keeping our election statutes tight and ensuring that there is an environment where it is more difficult to commit fraud...It’s a best practices issue. And this bill also will ensure confidence in our elections.

In the House and Senate, the bill has more than 55 co-sponsors. Those that oppose the bill worry that the bill will only disenfranchise voters since the bill would make it less accessible for some to vote in person.

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As for those voting by absentee ballot after registering in person or by mail, the bill would not be applicable.

Upon the second reading of the bill, it's expected that House Majority Floor Leader Albert Sommers will offer an amendment allowing Wyoming IDs to be obtained, while having the $10 ID fee waived, as long as the ID is being obtained for the purpose of voting.

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