I got this ebay link from a listener today. While I personally enjoyed these racetracks as a kid, I seem to remember not really looking forward to playing with my dad, because he always kicked my butt. It wasn't until years later, when - in a drunken stupor - he admitted that he always used the fastest car. Yes, I come from a family of "that guys". These racetracks were always a win/lose endeavor. You always ended up with at least one left over piece (usually, the one that was missing a little metal "thingy"), the bridges tended to sag, and the cars had a hard time staying on the track. The pay-off was, you would spend hours watching the cars go around the track, and coming up with new ways to lay out the track.

This dude gets it, and has some pretty interesting thoughts on how you should play with the toy. He should at least get an A for content...Check out his comments below:

I have an awesome AFX slot car track that I unfortunately don't have room for in the new house. Everything is included, all you need to do is pull it out of the box, plug it in and put it together. Use your imagination mixed with your superior intellect to make your own track! Don't have much of an imagination? Not a problem!! It comes with instructions to make your own track. (Which are somewhat chewed up due to a lovely wiener dog...)

Sit around the track and make bets with your drunken buddies on who's going to win, OR sit around the track with your significant other and your children and make memories that'll last a life time! If you do go with the "drunken buddies" idea, make sure you have the yellow and black armor-all car. Definitely the fastest. If you play with your kids, make sure you give your kids the yellow and black car. Don't be "that guy" and beat your kids every time you race... Your kids won't like you and quite frankly, I won't really like you either..

If you could drive to Wyoming or have a buddy that lives close by, I'll throw in an awesome 4'x8' table that is pretty much made for this track. But unfortunately, shipping that table would cost like a bazillon and a half dollars. (I've checked...)

This has several cars that I've acquired. There's the four formula one cars. (yellow ones the fastest, don't forget) There's a few parts cars, a beautiful muscle car and a trans-am, and an awesome Chevron semi with a tanker trailer.

Be the hot new sensation in your neighborhood and click the "bid now" button at the top of the page and wow all of your friends!! Don't have any friends?? Owning this track, people would be lining up on your door step to be your friend! Do yourself a favor and be the next owner of this wonderful, memory-making, masterpiece!

Thanks!! Have a good day!

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