Last week, we asked if you thought Wyoming could support a minor league baseball team and if yes, where you'd like it to be. Your votes overwhelmingly told us you think Casper could support another minor league team.

Just over 86% of voters around the state replied "yes" when asked if they think Wyoming could support a team. Meanwhile 7% said "no," and 6% voted for "not sure."

The 86% that replied yes then voted overwhelmingly for Casper as the location they'd like the team to play in. 53% of the overall voters chose Casper. Nearly 30% went to Cheyenne, and 7% to Laramie.

Other votes were distributed between Rock Springs, Gillette, Jackson, Sheridan, Riverton, Cody, Torrington, and Buffalo.

Capser had a Pioneer League affiliate for the Colorado Rockies from 2001-2011. The Casper Rockies from '01-'08 and the Casper Ghosts from '08-'11. The Ghosts vanished to Grand Junction in 2011 where they still remain the Grand Junction Rockies.

While some expressed doubt in voting for Casper again, because they already had a team that left, there are still many things in favor of the Oil City. It's a central location for many baseball fans around the state and easy for most to get to. It's also got a proper facility already in Mike Lansing Field. Other cities would likely have to construct a new ballpark or renovate an existing one to facilitate a minor league team.

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