Dungeons and Dragons is a very popular game nationwide. In fact, it is so popular, approximately 13.7 million people throughout the U.S. play the game. What you may not realize is that Wyoming happens to rank in the top ten states where Dungeons and Dragons is the most popular. So where in the top ten? Let's find out...

Zippia recently used Google trends, along with other search trends to pinpoint what states the game is most popular in, as well as what class is each states playing as. As mentioned, in Wyoming, we finished in the top ten for states where the game is the most popular. It turns out, we took that 10th spot, or at least tied for it. In terms of what class Wyoming likes to play as, that would be Ranger.

The states finishing in the top five were Utah topping the list, followed by Idaho, Oregon, Maine, and Vermont. Montana finished 8th overall. So it could be region thing, given that three of the other top ten happen to border Wyoming.

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As I was growing up, Dungeons and Dragons always had a stigma that came with it, as if it was for 'nerds' or something. Well, you can call me a nerd as much as you want if that's the case. I've played it more than a few times and that's coming from someone who was known as a 'jock' growing up, given the amount of sports I played in high school and college. But I've played the game more than a few times, and it can definitely be a blast.

In fact, Dungeons and Dragons is so popular, that in the hit show on Netflix, 'Stranger Things', it's the first thing we see our main protagonists, Mike, Lucas, Will, and Dustin (before they meet Eleven) playing in Season 1, before we know anything else about them. Spoiler alert. But those guys helped save the world from the Upside Down, so if they play it, you know it has to be a fun game on some level.

So there you have it, D&D is pretty cool, even if you still think it's not. Of course, if you play a full game, it tends to go on for quite some time, so be prepared for that.

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