Wyoming has earned a reputation in recent years for being a great spot to move to for retirement. In general (no pun intended), earlier this year, the Cowboy State was ranked as the 11th best state to retire in. It seems that for military retirees, it's that much better.

The good people at 24/7 Wall St. recently ranked the best and worst state for military retirees and wouldn't you know it, Wyoming ranked right near the top of the list. We cracked the top ten! The Cowboy State finished as the 8th best state for military retirees!

It is important for any military personnel to find the right spot where they can adjust to a different type of lifestyle after retirement, which is so important for any veteran. Many factors may weigh in the decision for where to settle down, such as military benefits, state tax policies, job markets, and many other socioeconomic factors, as does quality of life.

Here's a look at where Wyoming ranks in some key broad categories that helped them earn their 8th best state for military retirees ranking:

8. Wyoming
> Score: 55.9/100
> Economic environment rank: 7th best
> Quality of life rank: 3rd best
> Health care rank: 4th worst

While the health care rank is certainly alarming, our quality of life rank, which may be the biggest factor based on the adjustments that veterans make given the lifestyle change, is among the top three in the nation.

Seven states finished ahead of Wyoming on the list. Those were Maryland, Alabama, Alaska, South Dakota, Florida, South Carolina, and Virginia, as they took the top spot on the list.

Military retirees have the luxury of a pretty giant and wide open, not to mention, beautiful state in Wyoming when they decide where to settle down.

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