Last week, "covfefe" was the most talked about tweet from Donald Trump, this week it might be forgotten about, especially by those connected to the UK.

However, we still have poll results to get to. We asked Wyoming residents what they thought "covfefe" meant after this now famous series of tweets from the President...


After tallying the votes, here's what we received.

32% - It was a typo

17% - It was a secret acronym

13% - It's an inside joke

13% - He accidentally tweeted the nuclear codes

6% - His speech-to-text couldn't understand him

2% - It's a slam at Hillary 

We also received many "other" votes, in which users can fill in the blank on their own. This is a good time to remind you, the voices of our voters do not necessarily reflect that of our radio station or the author.

"I Will Stand Up In Arabic" - (This has been debunked by

"It's a new black metal band from Norway"

"He's a f****** moron"

"He's an idiot"

""It means he's a nut job"

"It means "I'm (trump) an idiot"


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