Wyoming Governor Matt Mead was joined by state education and military leaders Wednesday afternoon as he signed a proclamation declaring September as Career Exploration/Military Readiness month.

"This proclamation is really all about raising awareness for military readiness in our high school students," said Superintendent Jillian Balow.

"For many years we've been focused on college readiness and over the last several years, as a nation, we've really also focused on career readiness, knowing that college isn't for everyone," added Balow. "We also need to think about college, career and military, with military being a viable option for many of our young kids."

"People think that your education doesn't continue on (in the military), but that's not true," said Chief Bill Whipple with the Wyoming National Guard. "In the military you get more training and education than you probably do in any other job in the world."

"This nation depends on a strong military," said Major General Luke Reiner, Wyoming's adjutant general.

"If you look at the fact that the number of people who are eligible to enlist and serve in our armed forces is steadily decreasing, you understand that it's a national security priority to make sure that this nation has the right men and women who are capable of standing up and defending it," Reiner added.

"We have to make sure that our students, teachers and parents know how important this is as another avenue," said Governor Mead. "Not only is it good for the individual, but it's important to us as a state and as a country."

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