It’s no secret that a significant portion of Laramie’s population is made up of college students. With the University of Wyoming, WyoTech and the Albany County campus of LCCC, the Gem City follows a rhythm throughout the year that is largely dictated by campus activities.

When school is in session, there are plenty of activities, sporting events and entertainment to keep everyone busy. The surge in Laramie population also means that businesses tend to make more money while the students are in town. However, the larger population can also mean that it’s harder to find parking spaces.

When school is not is session, Laramie seems to move at a different pace. There’s not as much traffic and the town seems calmer in general. For many business owners this can be a tough stretch for them to make it through and there aren’t as many events going on in general.

We want to know which pace you prefer. Do you like Laramie better when school is in session and there are more people in town, or when school is out and the Gem City empties out a little bit? Let us know in the survey below.

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