Okay, let's just say that Dolly Parton gets it.  She always has and she always will.  She knows that her style is truly one-of-a-kind and that she knows it's cheap.  In fact, one of her best quotes reamains:  "It takes a lot of money to look this cheap".

In a recent interview with three young (young) fashion bloggers, Dolly opened up about a lot of things in a relatively short time.

When asked where she got her "unique" style, Dolly relates a story of being impressed with "the town tramp" and how as a little girl she thought the big hair, red lipstick and tight skirts made her look beautiful.

The part of the interview I enjoyed most was when the girls asked her if she had any make up tips.  Turns out Miss Parton's most loyal fans are also drag queens.  Dolly said "they know how to do their make up.  They know how to do their hair.  I often see lots of "Dollies" in the audience at my shows."

I am an unabashed fan of anyone who knows their style and not only shows it, but will often flaunt it.  From the days when she was just a teen-aged girl performing with the great Porter Waggoner,  to today, Dolly nails that "Trashy Women" look every time.  Rhinestones, big wigs, red  lipstick and tight skirts...kinda hard to argue with that.

By the way, the bloggers who interviewed her were as impressed as I would have been.

If you would like to see the entire episode....go here.

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