Tiffany was a pop star idol in the '80's with bouncy little songs like 'I Think We're Alone Now'.  She's back with a vengeance...and embracing a genre she hasn't performed since she was a little girl.

Tiffany just turned 39.  That means she's pretty much been perfoming for three decades now.  Her singing career began on the West Coast and since enjoying a long run as a pop star, she's returning to her country roots with her latest called 'Rose Tattoo.'

The Tennessee resident returns to the genre she fell in love with as a child with her brand-new album.

 "Being here in Nashville ... starting to live a life that I have always dreamed of in music, doing the shows I want to do and playing places I've always wanted to play is a stamp of approval," Tiffany tells our friends at The Boot. "There's a lot of talented people here and you don't just come into town and say 'Ta-da!' You have to earn your way, and I'm still doing that, but I love challenges and this is real for me."

We'll be watching to see how the country audience warms up to Tiffany in the months ahead.