It's good to be Blake Shelton for sure.  The guy is on an incredible roll right now and is excelling in fields that are challenging....and rewarding.

Let's put aside the fact that his music career has never been more successful.  Let's set aside the wonderful news that he's about to marry the love of his life, the wonderful Miss Miranda Lambert.

Heck we'll even move past the fact that his latest "Honey Bee" is racing up the playlists at country stations world-wide.   What Blake has on his plate right now that really impresses me, is his work on The Voice on NBC.

Blake's personality is cutom-made for the show's format.  He's funny, sarcastic, talented and able to hold his own with some pretty darned talented people vying to "out train" him on the show.  Add to that the fact that there is a wide, wide audience for the show (reflecting the various genre's of music and "judges") and Blake is on the verge of exploding into something mega on the scene.

'The Voice' returns Tonight (May 3) at 7:00 PM Mountain Time with the second round of blind auditions, to all four teams led by Blake, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Maroon 5's Adam Levine. The chosen singers then advance to the "battle" round, which will feature notable advisers, including Reba McEntire, who signed up to assist Blake's team.

The show is just fun.  And it's a great vehicle for Blake.  Good on him.  I hope this ride lasts a long, long time.  After all, he's got a wedding to pay for on May 14.

He'll hit the road with  Brad Paisley on his H20 II: Wetter and Wilder World tour in Pittsburgh, Pa., on May 26