We first reported the decision by Joshua Scott Jones to seek help with his addictions back in September.  Now come word that he's doing "wonderful" after treatment for alcohol and substance abuse.

Meghan Linsey, his partner and fiancee in Steel Magnolia was recently interviewed by our friends at Country Weekly.

“He completed his program.  I think it’s a real brave thing. He’s done really well and stuck it out and did the whole thing. He's got some other commitments to fulfill as part of that, but I’m proud of him. I’ve just tried to support him, and the fans and the label have been supersupportive.”

Jame Otto recently picked up the slack as Steel Magnolia met their obligations on the tour schedule.  Meghan was also impressed by James' performances for the band.  “He’s got an amazing voice,” says Meghan. “I feel like we’ve got a really good friendship. Immediately I thought of him [to fill in], because he’s got that soul and power in his voice. He definitely fits in on the tour—he definitely brings in the fun!”

Things are still up in the air as to when Joshua will be able to return full-time to the band.  His publicist was asked about the eventual return, but wasn't able to give any specifics.

Good on Joshua.  It's the nature of the beast that entertainers are susceptible to getting into trouble on the road.  Late nights, parties with fans, parties before and after the concerts, all add up to a really dangerous situation for those already pre-disposed to addiction.  There's nothing easy about dealing with the problem.  And there's NOTHING weak about admitting you have a problem.  Let's all hope that Joshua and his amazing voice will soon be back on stage and will continue a successful career clean and sober.

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