Rumors (and right now, that’s all they are) are swirling around that Tim McGraw may…and we repeat…may be appearing in a movie with Beyonce’ in the future.  The whisperings have been getting so prominent, that Tim was recently asked about it on The Today Show.

Now, when it comes to movies, Tim is already appearing in a movie called Dirty Girl.  He was on the Today set to talk that project up, when Matt Lauer asked about the rumors that he would be appearing in a remake of the classic A Star is Born with Mrs. Jay-Z.

If you remember, the most current remake of the 1954 classic, which starred Judy Garland and James Mason, was the 1976 version starring Kris Kristofferson and Barbara Streisand.  So, is a 2012 or 2013 version in the works?  No matter who stars in the Clint Eastwood directed movie, everything will have to be on hold until after Beyonce’s baby is born.

Listen, in a world where Taylor Swift can perform on stage with TI, I guess anything is possible.  It would be interesting to see our boy Tim in what would certainly be a high-profile release.  He’s had a chance to show off his acting chops in the past and I’m pretty sure he’d do a good job with this project.  It appears that he would be open to the idea. 

“It’s certainly something that would be a lot of fun. I’m a big Beyoncé fan, I’m a big Clint Eastwood fan. He’s the director.”

Tim refused to say on a scale of one to ten the chances that he would do the project.

“I’m not gonna put a number on it. I don’t want to jinx myself. . . . No, it’s not been offered officially.”

Sounds like he’s open to the idea.  Any project that allows country talent to show they’re more than just one-dimensional is fine with me and very good for the genre.  We’ll let you know if there’s any fire to go with this little bit of smoke.  Stay tuned.

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