Living in Laramie, when the weather changes, so do we… A recent poll on our sites showed that most of us believe that the Laramie weather affects our mood so when it starts getting warmer, we start feeling better. A lot of that could have to do with the activities that warmer weather opens us up to such as walking, bicycling, rock climbing, you get the idea. For some of us, warmer weather encourages us to leave the house in the evening and go out to eat (I’m not saying that we don’t eat out in the winter, but a lot of us are kind of shut in during the winter, admit it). While Laramie boasts many fine dining establishments, in particular, Laramie has an incredible collection of Mexican food restaurants. With the warmer weather upon us, we want to know which Mexican restaurant in Laramie you are most likely to visit, more specifically, we want to know where can we find the best Mexican food in Laramie?

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