Several news organizations and Zac's official website are offering details of  the behind the scenes workings of the Zac Brown Band's many personnel. 

Zac evidently got the idea over the Labor Day Weekend that he should honor the people who are seldom seen, but help to make the organization that is the Zac Brown Band continue to function, and function very, very well.

From the website:

 I am the front man for an organization that is much bigger than me and I thought this Labor Day my crew deserved to enjoy some time at center stage.
The people behind ZBB and Southern Ground make up one of the hardest working teams out there and we want to recognize them for their constant dedication this Labor Day. The Southern Ground family is comprised of so many talented artists, technicians, stage hands, truckers and others who are committed to bringing our fans the best experience possible.

Zac partnered with the Carhartt Facebook page.  He then posted videos featuring members of the Southern Ground (Zac's company) crew.  Once you get to the site, you're encouraged to watch individual videos from six members of the crew.  Visitors can then vote for the crew-member they're most impressed with.

In the near future, Carhartt is set to pick up the ball and honor members of the general public.  Once again encouraging  just everday folks to post videos and stories about themselves, relatives or co-workers who exemplify the true spirit of American labor and the work ethic of the country.

The whole thing is called Everyday Icon.  The timeline goes like this, On September 30th, the Everyday Icon for the Zac Brown Band will be named.  Then, starting on October 15th, the public can nominate people in the own lives who deserve the honor.  A new "Icon" will be named weekly and will be awarded prizes from the band and Carhartt.

Zac Brown has always gone out of his way to make sure the things that make America and American workers so great are recognized.  We'll be following this project closesly.  Stay tuned.

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