Yesterday I had a fundraiser for the National High School Finals Rodeo to attend in Gillette and with hot weather and little chance of showers, I thought it would be a perfect day to hop on the bike for the trip up and back. When traveling by motorcycle I am always hyper-aware of wildlife as an encounter with a deer or antelope while moving at 70mph on a bike could be fatal.

On the trip to Gillette I didn't expect to see much wildlife as the temperatures were close to 100 degrees. I did however see a few antelope and deer moving and close to the road midday which always makes you pay attention. As the event in Gillette finished up just after 4pm I was on the road by 4:30. I was fully expecting to see a few animals as things cooled of a few degrees and clouds rolled in but imagine my surprise in seeing these four big guys just off the highway east of Edgerton, not that I am surprised to see them in this area but at 5:40pm and with temps at 97 degrees I didn't expect to see them up and moving.

Always nice to see the wildlife up close but knowing that they were on the road and crossing just 2 minutes earlier makes it a little too close.

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