Going out with your friends can be a tricky proposition. The more people invited to the outing, the more options everyone will want to explore. Here's a handy guide to the establishment that best suits the needs of your group. For even more options, take our quiz to see where you should go for your next night out!

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    Front Street Tavern

    Known for their signature cocktails, Front Street has something for everyone. Although it can get lively on the weekends, Front Street usually has a calm atmosphere, as well as some quality eats because of its connection to Sweet Melissa's.

    If vegetarian food isn't your style, The Crowbar also offers a variety of craft cocktails and food options in a relaxed atmosphere.

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    The Library

    The Library is for those who prefer a lively atmosphere, and is one of the best places for sports viewing. Their signature Apple Pie Shot is also sure to win over any new patron of the restaurant. For those that aren't into sports, The Library is also a good place to have dinner and a drink with your friends.

    If The Library is too rowdy for your crowd, Roxie's on Grand might be more your speed. With a quieter atmosphere, sports fans can loudly cheer on their favorite teams over a beer.

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    The Alibi

    The Alibi is best for people that enjoy live music. Summer evenings are best enjoyed in Laramie while hanging out on the Alibi patio and listening to the live band of the evening. In addition to their cocktail offerings, The Alibi has a wide variety of food options, some of which are cooked on a wood stove.

    The Ruffed Up Duck is another great establishment for bar patrons looking for some live music. Even on the nights that no bands are playing, the Duck is also a good place to relax with your friends.

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    Although it's on the other side of the tracks, Bud's is another good place for friends to gather. With its low-key atmosphere, Bud's is a nice spot for a quiet beer. And for those seeking a little more excitement in their evening, Downtown Laramie is a mere 10 minute walk away.

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    The Buckhorn

    What list of Laramie bars would be complete without the Buckhorn? The Buck has long been a favorite of college students, but is a good hangout for anyone that wants to go dancing and let off some steam. The Buckhorn is also one of the places where many memories (good and infamous) have been made.

    If the Buckhorn is too rowdy for you, there is also quality dancing to be found at the Cowboy, which also frequently has live music for its patrons to dance to.

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