We could all seriously use a break...

This year has been rough and it's wild to think that we are eight months in. Sometimes it feels like March was just a few months ago, but it also feels like we should have been done with this year a long time ago. Although we feel that to some extent each year, this one feels extra odd.

And we're over it.

Obviously, we don't want to get sick, but we're tired of not sleeping, our finances being in turmoil, and nothing happy on the news. It's been months of this and it's really starting to get to us. Honestly, if we didn't have the holidays approaching, I think I would be in a much worst place. Even though those holidays will look different than they have in the past, I'm still looking forward to my favorite time of year.

So what's getting to us the most?

A recent survey has found the things that are causing us the most angst.

5 Things Stressing Us Out the Most in 2020

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