A Wyoming themed book could be a great Christmas present for family and friends of all ages.

Check out some of our favorites!

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    Wyoming Firsts

    Carol Mead

    Wyoming's First Lady Carol Mead created this children's book of Wyoming's famous firsts. The artwork was created by Wyoming high school students.

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    Close Range: Wyoming Stories

    Annie Proulx

    From a Pulitzer Prize winning author, this book highlights Annie Proulx's love of Wyoming. The photography in the book is wonderful.

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    Wyoming, a Guide to Its History, and People

    Compliation of authors

    Great for history lovers and Wyoming enthusiasts. A collection of stories from many different Wyomingites.

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    Explorer's Guide Wyoming

    Alli Rainey

    For the adventurous type in your life. This book features recommendations and information about famous Wyoming outdoor attractions and off the beaten path adventures too.

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    Santa Is Coming To Wyoming

    Steve Smallman

    A great children's book just in time for the holidays. Santa visits many Wyoming cities and landmarks.

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