Amazon's annual giant Prime Day sale is under way, and deals can be found across the site on just about everything. Although there aren't prime deals on all things Wyoming, we put together this list of Wyoming related items found on Amazon that would look (or smell) great in any Wyomingite's home.

  • 1

    Pet ID Tag

    Are you sick of the same old generic pet tags? Make your pet's tags a bit more personalized by making them Wyoming name tags. While a bit pricey, the quick turnaround on the tags might make them a worthwhile purchase.

  • 2

    Wyoming $2 Bill

    You're never going to spend a $2 bill, so why not get one that's meant to be displayed? This special edition has a Wyoming state seal in the right corner, and the watermark of Wyoming's state quarter on the right. They also have free shipping, if you consider $9.95 for a $2 bill a deal.

  • 3

    Wyoming T-Shirt

    Not the most exciting item on the list, but certainly the most comfortable. It also provides a change for Wyoming residents who want to show their state pride, but are looking for something besides the brown and gold.

  • 4

    Wyoming Clock

    Although the clock is not made of actual wood, it would make for a beautiful display on any Wyomingite's mantelpiece. And although each clock is custom made, the turnaround time is less than a week, why not get one of these to put in your home?

  • 5

    Wyoming Homesick Candle

    Last but not least on this list is the only product that is actually part of a featured Prime Deal. This candle is best for those that may be living far away, but whose hearts will always belong in Wyoming. The scent is described as "cold winter air", "roaring campfires", and "pine needles crunching underfoot". Although the candle costs nearly $30, it does have an estimated burn time of 60-80 hours, so you should be getting some burn for your buck.

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