Hell hath no fury like a Nebraska woman scorned. I added the Nebraska part, but that's exactly what happened when a mad woman in the corn husker state got ticked at her boyfriend.

I have to give Thrillist the credit for the share on this one. They told the story of a female in Lincoln, Nebraska. Their story inspired me to do some Googling to learn more. Here are some of the details as reported by NBC 2:

  • The Nebraska woman is 19 years old
  • She was mad at her boyfriend
  • She owned a butane torch
  • She used torch on her boyfriend's letters
  • She then went to take a nap

That last point was part of the problem. The apartment caught fire while she dreamed of her next relationship causing $4,000 in damage.

I verified from Snopes that this wasn't some crazy made-up love story. The only fact that I have yet to learn is what the guy did to inspire the woman to torch him.

This story does have a somewhat happy ending. According to the news reports, no one was injured.

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