For the second time in three days, security at Laramie Junior High School has been increased after another 'creepy clown' threat against the school was posted to social media.

The school is not on lockout, but exterior doors have been secured and police officers are stationed at the main entrance according to Stuart Nelson, safety director for Albany County School District One.

The district notified parents and guardians around 8:50 a.m., emphasizing that schools are safe.

Superintendent Jubal Yennie and Laramie Police Chief Dale Stalder are also preparing to put out more information in a press release.

Other Laramie schools have been alerted, Nelson said. But after a similar threat on Wednesday that ultimately turnout to be a hoax -- for which two teens were cited -- Nelson says the district doesn't want to encourage further 'creepy clown' threats with a large response.

"We're trying not to overreact," Nelson said early Friday. "I think that's what they're feeding on."

This latest threat was posted sometime Thursday night and school officials found out about it Friday morning, Nelson said.

These posts are part of a viral prank and have been received by schools across the country.

The 'creepy clown' craze started in South Carolina in August after unsubstantiated reports surfaced that clowns were spotted trying to lure children into the woods.

Since then, the sightings have been reported all across the country.

And while many of the reports turned out to be nothing more than hoaxes, several incidents have proved more serious.

At least seven people in Alabama face felony charges of making a terrorist threat connected to "clown-related activity."

At Pennsylvania State University, hundreds of students flooded surrounding streets conducting a mass clown hunt.

The Associated Press recently reported the fatal stabbing of a 16-year-old in Pennsylvania after someone reported a person wearing a clown mask.

An 18-year-old is charged with harassing, threatening and prowling around his neighbors' home in the same state while wearing a clown mask and holding a toy Airsoft pistol.

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