Laramie High School Principal Chuck Kern dispelled rumors that there was a threat to Laramie High School Wednesday, Feb. 21  in a notice to LHS parents, saying the school is safe.

Kern said there were rumors on the LHS campus involving the presence of guns and other harmful activity. Kern said as is protocol, the school called the Laramie Police Department to investigate.

“That’s standard protocol, anytime there is a threat to the school,” Kern said. “We wouldn’t even mess with that.”

Kern wrote in the notice that the LPD had concluded its investigation and found no evidence to support the rumors of the threats. Kern wrote that if an emergency had taken place at the school, the families of students would have been notified immediately.

“Please know all threats that are reported to LHS are taken seriously and are meticulously investigated by school personnel and School Resource Officers with the Laramie Police Department,” Kern wrote. “This is ACSD No. 1 standard operating practice and will continue to ensure the safety of our students, faculty and staff.”

In a release, the Laramie Police Department said they identified a person of interest and interviewed them. The LPD says the residence of the individual was searched and nothing was found.


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