What is with all of the back-in parking spaces popping up around Laramie? Is there a benefit to them? From what I can see, they stop traffic because drivers basically have to stop traffic to back in to the spaces, and they take up a lot of space. Why are these spots necessary?


"Back-in diagonal parking allows for an increased number of parking stalls compared to parallel parking. The city's Streets Division will continue to install back-in diagonal parking where more parking is needed. Overall benefits of back-in parking include:

1. A safe area to load/unload from the trunk of your vehicle.

2. A clearer sight line when exiting a parking stall because you are facing traffic.

3. It directs children to a point of safety by opening the doors towards the sidewalks.

4. It is easier for most drivers to back into a space than to parallel park.

5. It has been proven to be safer than pull-in diagonal parking in other communities.

This style of parking has received a favorable response from the community.

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