We've all heard the colloquial and often rhetorical question: does a bear sh*t in the woods? Well if happens in Wyoming, it might just be inside your home!

A man by the name of Max Breiter had an interesting story of a black bear entering his home on Upper Cache Creek Drive in Jackson. On Saturday afternoon (July 15th, 2017), Breiter was awaken by his dog, Rocky, barking loudly. After getting up to let the 10-pound canine out, he noticed an animal downstairs in his kitchen.

Breiter detailed the event with the Jackson Hole News & Guide stating:

At first I thought it was a dog, but I started to wake up and realized it was a bear.

Intelligently, Breiter and the seven other occupants, all locked themselves in separate rooms. Between the noise of a houseful of panicked adults and the dog, the bear quickly left the premises by running through a screen door, but not until after it took not one, but two dumps on the living room floor.

The homeowner, Sandy Hessler, who was in Canada at the time stated:

I’m not sure what to do because we have the windows open all the time. The whole idea that we could be sleeping and a bear walks in, I’ve never thought about it.

The incident could have ended much worse than just having to clean bear excrement. No one was injured and as luck would have it, Breiter's dog Rocky was closed up in a nearby room upon the bears initial entry.

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