What is the ordinance for parking near driveways? I have seen homes on our street that have their visitors park blocking their driveway, and I have also seen some cars park so close to someone else's driveway that it would be unsafe to pull out because it would be blocking the view. Is there a distance of clearance from the edge of a driveway like there is with stop signs?


"City ordinance prohibits blocking a driveway when parking. The police department responds to these calls on a complaint basis, which means a homeowner/tenant must make the original complaint. When responding, an officer will evaluate whether the vehicle is parked so as to prohibit exit from the driveway, and if so, a citation is issued and the vehicle can just be ticketed or it can be ticketed and towed, based on the request by the homeowner/tenant. There is no set criteria for the distance a vehicle can park abutting the driveway like there is at intersections and crosswalks."

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