Breeze Thru Car Wash recently opened up a brand new location in south Cheyenne just off Greeley which has everything you could want (including some free car washes). But the Breeze Thru Car Wash on Dell Range in Cheyenne, which has been closed since early January has been doing some remodeling as they've closed down for a bit. It won't be long before they've reopened.

According to the blogger who seems to always be on top of everything in and around Cheyenne, Optopolis, the Breeze Thru Car Wash on Dell Range has been doing some remodeling while it's been closed for the better part of January.

The closure of the location on Dell Range came roughly at about the same time the Greeley Hwy location was opening up. It would seem that the remodeling process for the Dell Range location possibly wanted to make some upgrades that are in line with what the brand new location has at the Greeley Hwy location.

Breeze Thru Car Wash alerted customers on their social media earlier this month of the Dell Range location closure for remodeling.

Based on that Facebook post, the Dell Range location, which was also the first in Cheyenne back in 2010, is planning to reopen to the public on Tuesday, February 1st.

Although days like today may be a little bit too brisk for car wash, Breeze Thru Car Wash just posted its new Winter Hours today on their Facebook page.

The three Breeze Thru locations in Cheyenne are at:

  • 2106 Dell Range Blvd
  • 311 S. Greeley Hwy
  • 3515 E. Pershing Blvd

The cold won't be here forever, Cheyenne! Every vehicle needs a good wash every now and then. Either of those locations seems like a good spot for one.

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