Inda Eaton grew up in Casper, Wyoming, and currently lives at the east end of Long Island.

When asked, Eaton stated that her life out West has deeply influenced her songwriting.

She said,

Often I feel like a live a double life between East and West.  And yet the people in both worlds are very similar at their core:  loving neighbors that would give you the shirt off of their back to keep you warm.

Both Eaton's song "Free" and her album Shelter In Place have taken on new meaning in the last few months.

This video project actually began in the Fall of 2019.

The people and ideas in the movie developed organically as a NY film maker, Mike Lavin and his Queens girl friend joined our crew on a mini tour to my origin state of Wyoming in Fall, 2019 and then back to NY in 2020. With the music as a back drop, we quickly became a documentary film/music family.

When you watched the video you may have recognized many local landmarks like Lou Taubert, The Platte River, and The Labyrinth in Amaco Park.

You may even see a face or two you recognize.

Mike Lavin
Mike Lavin

Though Eaton planned to release the video to "Free" in the beginning of March she felt that the timing wasn't right.

I made the decision to postpone releasing it to the public because I didn’t want to be tone deaf with the message of Free(dom) in juxtaposition with what humanity is feeling as we all shelter in place. Now, I believe the time is right, it’s ok to be in this state of internal conflict and we need hope that freedom is coming.

I think you'll agree that this song is all the more poignant now, as we as a country struggle with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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