February means it's that time of the year for Valentine's Day. And along with the festive theme of that, Chili's is serving up a new Valentine's themed $5 'Marg of the Month' all February long that looks perfect for this time of year.

This concoction comes Valentine's Day colored with a candy heart stir stick that is yours to keep. The margarita is known as 'The Grand Romance' and if it tastes as festive as it looks, then you may be making a few trips to Chili's in February for this drink. According to Delish, it's made with Grand Marnier Orange Liquor, Lunzal Silver Tequila, fresh sour, and Monin pomegranate syrup. As amazing as that sounds, can we just ask Chili's to serve this drink every month?

While there is no guarantee that the drink will be a source of good fortune to find true love as Valentine's Day approaches, you can still set whatever mood you want with one of these drinks in your hand. Of course, February is only 28 days and we're already done with one day so the clock is ticking, be sure to stop in and grab one at the Cheyenne Chili's located at 1320 Dell Range Blvd. As good as 'The Grand Romance' looks and sounds, you may end up a few this month. But as always, please drink responsibly!

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