When it comes to summer essentials, a refreshing cocktail is right up there with a sweet pair of board shorts and a nice big bottle of SPF 55. All the air conditioners in the world can't cool you down like an icy mixed drink, so if you're looking for a few to choose from, look no further than this list.


Nothing says summer like tequila and lime. Just ask Don Carlos Orozco, the bartender purported to have invented this classic classic cocktail in Ensenada, Mexico. Whether you ice it, blend it or chill it with liquid nitrogen, just don't forget to salt the glass. Get the full recipe here



This classic rum-based highball shows off the lighter side of Cuban fare. The snap of the mint and the bite of lime come together to create a cocktail that's just about impossible to pass up on a hot summer day. Get the full recipe here



If you like 'em sweet and strong, the hurricane just might be the cocktail for you. Created in New Orleans in the 1940s, be sure to serve this syrupy rum punch in a plastic cup just like they do in the Big Easy. Get the full recipe here


Pimm's Cup

Ahh, a refreshing summer cocktail from ... cloudy old England? Yep, you read that right. Just combine Pimm's No. 1, a spicy gin-based liqueur, with ginger beer (or sparkling lemonade) and some fruit for a spicy, citrusy treat. Get the full recipe here

pimm's cup

Bloody Mary

With all these summer cocktails to drink, you're going to have to call it a night at some point. Drink enough and you may even call it an afternoon. Lucky for you, there's the spicy, salty Bloody Mary to give you just the kick you need to start the next morning off with gusto. Get the full recipe here

bloody mary

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