The Cheyenne Union Pacific Depot is the last surviving depot from the 19th century that was a part of the Transcontinental Railroad, according to Only In Your State.

The Depot was the most glamorous station on the west coast, compared to the headquarters in Council Bluffs, Iowa built by Union Pacific.  Wyoming was rough and wild, but the railroad helped settle Cheyenne and make it into a governed city.  The Cheyenne Depot was built at the perfect time because one year after it was built a terrible snow storm came through and a large number of cattle were lost.  They say, if the Depot wasn't completed by the time the storm came it may have never been completed.

Now the Cheyenne Depot hosts a museum, events through the year inside and out and it has a brewpub inside called Accomplice Beer Company.

Take a tour and learn how the railroad made what Cheyenne is today.

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