The problem that many people make when it comes to New Year Resolutions is an easy trap to fall into: Going too big. You're setting yourself up for failure when you resolve to lose 80 lbs in a few months, only to stop going to the gym and let the rest of that year-long membership to go unused. The way to succeed this New Year is to set small, manageable goals for yourself- especially if they'll help you in the long term!

1. Don't Hit The Snooze Button. 

It can be pretty easy to just hit snooze a few times until you "feel ready" to get up. Next thing you know, you're running late for work and you're somehow, still tired. This year, resolve to not hit the snooze button anymore. Find yourself with more energy (as the repeated slipping into light sleep can actually make you more tired,) more time on your hands in the morning, and a better start to your day. For help with this, check out the app Alarmy. I use it every morning, and it has setting to keep you from staying in bed- like scanning a barcode to turn off your alarm, of solving math problems to get the ringing to stop.

2. Stop Drinking Soda 

You don't have to stop enjoying the little things to lose weight, get more energy, and help feel better in your skin. This year, take Coke, Pepsi, and all their similar soft drinks out of your fridge and replace them with water. You'll feel better, less groggy, and more hydrated. And no resolution has to be absolute, either. You can have soda as a treat, but it should be like that- a treat and not an every-day drink.

3. Give Someone A Compliment Every Day 

A relatively easy resolution that you can use to brighten days around you, make yourself feel more confident, and more social with those around you. A simple compliment can affect your entire day. Ever have one of those days where someone says something nice about you, and it keeps you flying high all day? Imagine giving that to someone every single day. Better yet, the more friendly you appear, the better your relationships will grow, the more confident you will feel, and the more compliments will come back to you!

4. Read A Little Bit Every Day 

Find an interesting book that piques your interest and try to read a little bit of it every single day. It can even just be a few minutes while you're waiting for your coffee to brew, or a little bit before you head to bed. Reading has remarkable affects on cognition, and has been said to help stave off diseases like Alzheimer's!

5. Make a Bigger Resolution More Attainable 

This is a harder one to grasp, because it's not nearly as sweeping, and it can seem daunting. If there's a big goal you want to achieve, you still can! The key is to break it into small, manageable pieces. So often, people resolve to do something, go hard at it for a few weeks into January, and then get burnt out. If your goal is to lose weight, start small with something like: "Don't eat fast food." Then move on to "Go for a walk a few times a week." Ramp up the manageable pieces until you've reached your goal.

Happy Resolutions! You can do it! 

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