He may not have lived here his whole life but Cheyenne will always be home for Scott Avett of the Avett Brothers.  Scott is the most famous artist/band to ever come from Wyoming, according to New Arena.

Growing up most of his life in Concord, North Carolina, Scott was the middle child of three kids.  When it was time for Scott to go to college, he chose East Carolina University.  He was planning on majoring in radio broadcasting with an art minor.  None of that panned out once he found his love for playing music, Scott earned a bachelor's degree in communications and a bachelor of fine arts degree in painting.

During Scott and his brother Seth's time in college, they both had their own bands.  In 1998 the brothers decided to make the two bands one and form the Avett Brothers.

Here are some clips from their show they recently did in Cheyenne:

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