Recently, I was at City Hall for an appointment. Due to time constraints, I parked in the southernmost spot on the west side. When I came out, there was a note on my vehicle stating that the spot was reserved for city vehicles. I drive down Ivinson every day and see a vehicle that does not appear to move parked in that same spot that does not appear to be a city vehicle. Why would the note state that the spot is only for city vehicles?


"Yes, there certainly are parking restraints throughout our very busy community. The spots, which you have noted, marked 'For City Vehicles Only' are for the many employees whose jobs repeatedly take them out in the field, as well as to City Hall from our many satellite locations. They are important to every satellite employee's fast-paced workday. We invite you to use the public parking free of charge at the northwest corner of University and Fourth Streets, just a two-minute walk from City Hall, to avoid any difficulty in the future. We appreciate your inquiry.

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