Many tried and many failed to locate the legendary Forrest Fenn treasure over the years, but a new report confirmed that someone finally succeeded.

If you're somehow not familiar with Forrest Fenn's treasure, he stashed this many years ago in an effort to encourage people to get outside and explore. Wikipedia details what led Forrest to bury the treasure in the first place. It states he was diagnosed with cancer in 1988 and decided he would bury much of his fortune. It was rumored to be valued at over $2 million dollars and based on the clues, many believed it was buried somewhere in Wyoming and perhaps near Cody.

I first saw this shared on Josh Gates official Facebook page. He's the host for Destination Unknown and dedicated a show to Forrest's treasure.  He shared a story from the Sante Fe New Mexican that states Forrest Fenn confirmed his treasure has been found.

In the story, Forrest indicates a man who lives in the eastern part of the US sent him a picture of his treasure to confirm that it was found, but he won't reveal the man's identiry or where he found it.

The sad aspect of this story is that many quit their jobs and/or lost their lives in pursuit of Forrest's treasure as Wikipedia documents. Hopefully this reveal will give many closure.

I really hope whoever found the treasure will agree to disclose where the treasure was found. I'd be my bottom dollar that it was really buried near Cody like many of us suspected.

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