Netflix is cashing in on Nashville's hot vacation destination status with a family-friendly new sitcom, Country Comfort. The show follows an aspiring star who accidentally lands herself a nannying gig for five siblings.

In Country ComfortAmerican Idol alumnae Katharine McPhee plays Bailey, a struggling musician who's also dealing with a failed relationship when she becomes the new nanny for the five kids of Beau, a widowed "rugged cowboy" played by Eddie Cibrian, despite her complete and total lack of experience in caring for children.

"You are just about the worst nanny we've ever had, but you've got a heart the size of Texas," Beau professes in a two-minute, laugh track-infused trailer for the saccharine, and a bit hokey, show. A synopsis adds that, "with a never-give up attitude and loads of Southern charm, this newbie-nanny is able to navigate the family dynamics and be the mother figure they’ve been missing."

Though it's unclear how much of Nashville viewers will see beyond the bright lights and iconic exteriors of the honky-tonks on Lower Broadway, Country Comfort promises to include plenty of music. Per the synopsis, "To her surprise, Bailey also gets the band she’s been missing in this musically talented family who help get her back on the road to stardom."

LeAnn Rimes will also make a cameo, as the trailer teases. In the real world, the country star is married to Cibrian.

Country Comfort will debut on Netflix on March 19. The first season will include 10 episodes.

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