Due to health issues, I need to park my vehicle with the passenger side wheels on the curb, but I keep receiving tickets for parking on the sidewalk even though my wheels are more than 8 feet from any sidewalk. I am handicapped and have a placard, would displaying this placard allow me to put my wheels on the curb without being ticketed?


"The city does not permit parking on a sidewalk, even up on a curb, for several reasons. First, parking on the curb or sidewalk can lead to the deterioration of concrete, which becomes a safety issue for others. Parking on the curb or sidewalk could also impede passage on the sidewalk for pedestrians, especially if that pedestrian is wheelchair-bound. If you are parking on the curb or sidewalk in front of your residence, you could obtain some trailer blocks that can be placed in the gutter so that your wheels are raised when you park. If possible, you might consider off-street parking options in the area. Your handicap permit does not allow for you to violate other parking ordinances, though."

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