Well, I wouldn't suggest doing it at the same time, that's for sure. But, running and then throwing back some brewskis with your running pals, that sounds like something we could all get into, right? Or, just running for a social aspect and skipping the post-run beer is just dandy as well.

The Cheyenne Running Club is making Drinking Beer and Running the new combination in Cheyenne as the Cheyenne Running Club is teaming up with several local watering holes across Cheyenne to encourage people to get up and move for sport or for beer.

The way they cycle through(or jog) each month is having a different host each week. Here is what they have on their Facebook Event for the location schedules for April(yeah, it's almost April now).

  • Black Tooth Brewing
  • Old Chicago
  • Danielmark's Brewery And Taproom
  • Uncle Charlie's Tavern
  • Surprise

I like surprises. I'm here for a good surprise. Maybe they're just looking for a new location to add or it'll be a really cool surprise. We can only wait and see what kind of surprise they have in store for the runners.

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Here's the skinny from their Facebook Event.

Meet up outside at 6, then we will get running by 6:10. As always, our runs are good for everyone at all pace, skill, distance, and experience levels.

There is no obligation to purchase anything, or to join for post run beverages.

That pretty much clears up all the questions I could have. I think it's an awesome way to get some exercise and meet some potential new friends. It's a win-win.

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