Here’s a shocker, when it comes to the holidays, we Americans shell out $5-BILLION dollars a year for Christmas gifts for our pets…OUR PETS???  Are you one of them?

According to, 63% of dog owners and 58% of cat owners buy their pets Christmas gifts. (Cats usually get a bum wrap when it comes to gifts, but looks like more cat owners are stepping up to the gift giving plate!)  

I have to admit, I’m one of them, of course I don’t shell out a gaggle of money for my 2 cats, but they do get a stocking from “Santa Paws” who usually gives them a few catnip toys and a little bag of treats.  But you know there’s a few pet owners out there that go WAY over the top when it comes to buying their pets gifts for Christmas.  Paris Hilton actually has a miniature penthouse which includes air conditioning for her little Chihuahua!  I’ve known some pet owners who get both Fido and Fluffy a pricey Rhinestone collar, some have even purchased expensive satin sheets for their pets' beds!   And of course there are those pet owners who buy holiday outfits for their pets, just to watch them struggle to get out of them!  

Do you buy your pets anything for Christmas, and do you, or someone you know, go way over the top?

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