Did you make a grand, sweeping resolution? Did you resolve to go to the gym every single day? Eat better? Did you go with a smaller, more manageable resolution? My resolution was to not hit snooze in 2019. I failed that this morning.

It's not an uncommon phenomenon. Around the second week of January, after 14 days of trying to stick to your resolution, today is the most common day for people to fail their resolutions, or to have given up by today. Some outliers may even make it to February, but after that a whopping 80% of people still in the game will lose steam.

So why is that? According to one author, New Year's Resolutions can make matters worse.  We can create too much resistance by injecting too many goals into our minds. She recommends that, instead of making New Year's resolutions, just change one of your habits to make the most change.

Of course... that didn't work too well for me with my small habit of hitting the snooze button while still asleep. But that's the thing about making small changes to little habits. I can try again tomorrow, and maybe set a more annoying alarm to make sure I get out of bed.

Where are you at with your resolution? Are you going to keep at it? Let us know in the poll below. Even if you've lost steam, remember, you can start over tomorrow with a new alarm set, and a new habit tweaked.


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