First off, this new ornament from the Cheyenne Historic Preservation Board for 2022 is absolutely gorgeous! It's so pretty, it has a giant Christmas tree with a model of the Historic Governor's Mansion in front of it. It has a 307 ornament and WYO ornament to make it really stand out.

But, one thing I found interesting, they added a face mask on the tree. Now, I'm not here to shame anyone over putting something that was a part of 2022, but, we stopped wearing those, for the most part, this year. You only really have to wear them at the doctor's office now. So, it's an interesting choice.

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Residents in Wyoming were very much against wearing a mask over the past couple of years for the most part, so it seems a little polarizing to stick a mask on the ornament. I will say, you don't really notice it at first. I scanned over the ornament, really appreciated it, and debated on stopping by Townsquare Title on my way home from work to pick one up for my wife(we exchange ornaments every year, don't worry, she doesn't read my work, still a surprise), then I noticed the white surgical mask stretched across the tree. I'm still going to pick one up, but I thought the choice was...interesting.

Here, take a look at the ornament from the Cheyenne Historic Preservation Facebook page.


I don't really want to diminish how pretty this ornament is, or all the hard work that the Cheyenne Historic Preservation Board does, so forgive me if I come off somewhat surprised by this.

The post says you can pick up them up from TownSquare Title of Wyoming or get them delivered by calling (307) 851-1911.

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