This just in. Dads like to mess with sons. This is a fact. A new video showing a father who convinced his son to chase a salmon upstream proves this point once again.

I love this so much. A dad and his son were out fishing somewhere in Alaska. The dad sees a silver salmon just kind of meandering his way upstream. He alerts his son that it's time to chase. Here's his simple explanation of what he did:

This is my son chasing silver salmon up stream on Korvin Island Alaska.

Then, this happened.

For reference, a silver salmon (aka "Coho salmon") can really swim fast. Based on a study by the Journal of Fisheries Research Board of Canada, a silver salmon can traverse a stream of about 4 feet per second. Considering that they do this against the stream helps you appreciate how amazing a creation these fish are.

Considering that the fastest human being can run around 28 mph and theoretically 40 mph according to Live Science, you'd think this kid would have a chance. He did kinda win, but I think the salmon just got bored. Still, a win is a win.

Still, it's an admirable effort by a gullible son who just gave his dad a special family story to tell.

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