As a self-proclaimed true-crime enthusiast, I'm particularly excited about this new show that's going to be coming out on the new Mobile streaming service Quibi. It's being pitched as "Fixer Upper," like the HGTV show, but for homes where a crime has been committed. It's called "Murder House Flip," and honestly, it seems like it was made for October creepy viewing.

The idea behind the show seems to be mashing up home improvement, home selling shows with the gruesome true crime and paranormal shows that so many people devour. Considering that, on average, it's harder to sell a home that has had a tragic crime take place there, this show may have its work cut out for it.

You may remember that in many states, it's required to disclose if a murder took place in a home to any potential buyer. Maybe the goal of the show is to make the house looks so fabulous, the new owners will think a few restless spirits are worth the price.


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