I love the entire "nerd/geek" culture, everything from video games to comic books to anime. I have recently been bombarded with different options for one of these monthly mystery boxes. With so many of them out there that range from horror to strictly comic books or video games, I found it hard to make a decision. Then Geek Fuel started popping up on my social media feeds showing Transformers and Suicide Squad stuff. That was enough to reel me in!

For about $15.00 bucks a month, you get a t-shirt (you do get to specify the size), a comic book and myriad of other cool "geek fueled" (see what I did there?) merchandise. Considering a shirt and a comic book average roughly about $25.00, I figured I couldn't go wrong.

The best part is knowing I'm going to get a book in the mail every month and I don't know what types of goodness is going to be in it! Considering in my first box, I got a limited run, first edition comic (complete with certificate of authenticity), I can't wait to see what's coming next!

I will say, whether you decide to try one for you, your kids or your favorite nerd, I would say this is pretty awesome gift idea!

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